Compared to meat eaters, vegetarians have been reported to get 20% less colon cancer. However, those who eat veggies and fish did 47% better, which is 27% better than pure vegetarians. This is because fish is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Note that fish eating may also lead to several kinds of food poisoning easily. To avoid fish, Omega 3 can also be received by eating nuts like Walnuts. Therefore, it is best to have plenty of veggies and some nuts (oh, I don’t mean ‘Nuts’ that can walk).


Following article is taken from WebMd:

Experts Link Chemicals to Diabetes, Obesity

WebMD Health News

Sept. 28, 2015 — People who are trying to lose weight or manage diabetes should try to change their lifestyle not only to exercise or cut calories, but also to avoid chemicals that may be contributing to their condition, experts say.

“You may have a healthy meal, but if it’s in a plastic container, it’s leaching chemicals,” said Andrea Gore, PhD, a pharmacologist at the University of Texas at Austin in a webinar for reporters on Monday.

Gore is the chair of a task force that issued on Monday a new statement on the harm from hormone-disrupting chemicals. The statement, which is based on a review of more than 1,300 studies, says there’s convincing evidence to support a link between hundreds of hormone disruptors and several chronic health problems, including:

Researchers say the statement is significant because it comes from a group of doctors that treat people for hormone problems instead of scientists who study the effects of chemicals in animals or on cells.