How Important Is Financial Freedom To Your Emotional Fitness?

When you think about your ‘Total Fitness’, do you consider your financial well being as well? I find most people are unsure of their finances lasting their life. This feeling may be justified in some cases and not so in others. Yet, the net effect of the feeling of financial insecurity, on a continuing basis, is the same and that compounds the problem. It adversely impacts enjoyment in life, creativity, relationships, and reduces problem solving capabilities.

First thing is to ascertain the truth about your need for money, in relationship with current and projected requirements over short, medium, and long term. It must include a healthy, but not excessive, safe holdings for emergencies. While we live in an uncertain world, the effects of uncertainty can be managed with planning. Your financial plan must include appropriate life and catastrophic medical care insurances.  This is a fairly involved subject, that will be discussed in various blogs on this page. If you want a personal financial audit, just send me request, with key details, via the contact form in the horizontal menu in the top header

You must do your very best for making sure of the a healthy income stream as required by your financial plan. For those with an open mind and willing to work hard, there is usually more than one way to earn good income; i.e. ‘Job” is not the only thing.

In today’s environment much can be done to augment your job income. However, unless you really want it and are willing to work, you can’t expect results. On this page you would continue to find useful ideas to make you better in your present occupation and new income opportunities for Financial Freedom.

Do you know that ‘money’ loves speed. Once you identify some thing interesting you must jump into further exploration and evaluation. While you must be quick ‘act’ on good ideas, you must be willing to drop an idea quickly once you lose interest for whatever reason. Remember, for financial freedom, you must continue only with profitable ideas, regardless of the past costs or losses.

For now, learn to consider benefits before looking at costs or other difficulties. More later. In the meantime, stay focused on what you love to for your financial freedom.  To see more Please click picture or Here